Co-Founder, Partner

Elaine Kwon is a multilingual ecommerce sales leader with demonstrated success in identifying, strategizing, and resolving hierarchies of problems with powerful solutions within the constantly evolving and competitive retail landscape.

She began her career increasing logistics efficiency at McMaster-Carr, learning and improving the operations of one of the oldest private company’s fine-tuned supply chain. She then transitioned to the customer-facing side of retail, working at Amazon Fashion within buying and ecommerce management. She worked her way up to become the head of one of the luxury divisions at Amazon Fashion, where she advised dozens of the world’s most recognizable fashion brands on the intricacies of achieving success on the platform, including Gucci, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, and others.

Today, she leverages her ecommerce, product, operations, and supply chain experience – and intimate knowledge of Amazon Marketplace – to help beauty, lifestyle and fashion brands navigate Amazon and grow their online businesses. 

Elaine earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania.