It's an exciting time to be an Amazon merchant. Getting up and running has never been easier and retailers have access to more sales and promotional tools than ever before. 

However, with ever evolving technology, growing global competition, and shifting consumer expectations, achieving success on the platform can often feel like a tall task. 

Drawing from years of retail experience at Amazon, our team provides a rare insider’s perspective to help clients get the most out of their online storefront. Whether representing a brand's interests in a meeting with an Amazon Buyer or developing a strategy to improve top-line sales growth, we have the knowledge and experience to assist clients at any stage in their strategic journey.


If you're a brand or retailer and list your products on Google Shopping, eBay, Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Vendor Express, or Amazon Vendor Central - Kwontified can help.

Trust our skilled retail and marketing professionals to leverage our knowledge of tried-and-true industry best practices to thoughtfully grow your online business. From account setup and listing optimization to inventory management and market entry, we have the experience and expertise to raise product visibility and drive sales for you.

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